About KISK

At KISK, students (m/f/d) are prepared for the external assessment test (FSP) for the various federal states.

We concentrate on the respective examination subjects in the M, T and W courses in order to enable students to successfully pass the FSP.

The Kantara International Studienkolleg Berlin Mitte


The civil war in Syria destroyed the country in the long term and also changed Germany in the ensuing wave of migration. Millions of people died or were on the run, and some of the refugees came to Germany as a result.

We at KISK want to make our contribution so that the refugees either become a constructive part of German society or return to their home country Syria in order to be able to play a part in the reconstruction of their country. Both options require the following: People who can do something, who have learned something and who implement what they have learned with joy and passion.
Whether these people contribute their skills and talents to the German economy, administration, society or to Syria, it is up to each and every one of them to decide their individual path in life.

We at KISK accompany the fugitives on their individual way of life here in Germany. After a life in Syria, the subsequent flight and the securing of survival, integration in Germany now follows. This necessarily includes qualified training. Against this background we founded the Studienkolleg “Kantara Internationales Studienkolleg”, where ‘Kantara’ means ‘bridge’.

The Studienkolleg prepares people with a degree comparable to the Abitur for studying at a German university. KISK is convinced of the values of a free and democratic basic order. Gender, religion, skin colour, ethnic origin, political ideology, etc. are not criteria for us, the focus is on values such as tolerance, respect, equality and solidarity. Radicalism, no matter in which area of life, is not accepted by KISK.

What is KISK?

KISK, Kantara Internationales Studienkolleg Berlin is a NON-PROFIT educational institution where applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification (m/f/d) that does not correspond to the German Abitur can be prepared for studying at a German higher education institution. Students receive professional preparation for the state-approved Feststellungsprüfung (FSP).


  • The current contingent of Berlin Studienkollegs is still below the actual demand. For this reason, KISK is opening to meet the demand for professional preparation courses for students and refugees who are interested in studying in Germany.
  • KISK as a non-profit educational institution accepts fugitive students with a symbolic fee and endeavours to procure financial support for them in the form of scholarships, donations, etc. so that they can continue their education undisturbed.
  • The teaching staff consists of very competent lecturers from science and school practice and is supported by refugee teachers and experts in their field.
  • The bi- and trilingualism of some lecturers as well as the use of teaching assistants in German and English also promotes the acquisition of German specialist vocabulary. The explanations in the mother tongue facilitate the understanding of complex fields of knowledge and considerably improve the individual learning progress.

Course Fees

Course fee 4,000 € for two semesters (10 months) plus 100 € one-time registration fee.

Payment steps:

  1. Registration fee : 100 Euro (one-time)
  2. 2.100,00 € after confirmation of your place at the university
  3. 2.000,00 € one week before the beginning of the second semester

If you have a migration background and want to study, please ask for the different course fee directly: Contact (Mr. Maa Bared 0176/85959833)

Applicants with refugee status (job centre document) should contact us directly for the different course fee: Contact Tel.0049 17685959833, maabarab@hu-berlin.de


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