W Course at KISK 22 Weeks

The W Course is aimed at students who wish to study economics or social sciences in Germany.

The course lasts ten months and prepares for the assessment exam of the major course W.

Every week, the W course comprises 28 hours a week, each lasting 45 minutes.

Teaching location:

Humboldt University,
Invalidenstr. 110, 10115 Berlin

Subjects in the W Course

German: 12 hours per week

Mathematics: 4 hours per week

Economics: 4 hours per week

English: 2 hours per week

Economic History: 2 hours per week

Business Administration: 2 hours per week

Computer Science: 2 hours per week

The selection of subjects is strictly based on the compulsory and exam subjects of the W-course.

Participation in all courses is compulsory for the students.

Each participant will be examined by the external FSP in three subjects in writing and in one subject orally.

The number of lessons per subject can vary as needed.

Examination Subjects

The assessment test in the main course W can be carried out in different federal states in Germany.

In Berlin, for example the external FSP in the W-course u. A. held by the TU Berlin. There are the exam subjects following our course as follows:

Examination Subjects

  • German
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Economics / Business Administration
  • Economic History

Exam examples can be found on the website of the TU Berlin.

The application is made via Uni-assist e.V. at the official application times.

Participation in examinations outside of Berlin is also possible.

The subject combination at the KISK Studienkolleg is designed to cover a wide range of examination locations.

Registration Procedures

The application for the W-course is regularly possible at the beginning of the next course.

The courses start twice a year, each in February and August.

When is a place reserved for you?

After receiving your application with all documents (see application page), we check whether you are qualified to register for the external assessment test.

After a positive decision you will receive a confirmation from us together with the invoice for the course fees.

After receiving the course fees, the booking is complete and the place at our Studienkolleg is reserved for you.

We will provide you with the necessary documents to apply for or renew your residence permit.


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