To foreign and especially to Arab students who want to study at German universities and colleges whose Abitur or secondary school diploma is not recognized in Germany

In North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the Kantara International College in Hattingen ( ) in cooperation with the Max Born Brufskolleg in Recklinghausen
( ) offers training as an orthopedic technician :

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Support during the training 700 euros per month
  • The training takes place in the Max Born Vocational College in Recklinghausen

After successfully completing the training, it is possible to study at the university in the above-mentioned subject with the aim of completing the Bachelor Sc. in orthodontics.

Career prospects:

After graduating as an orthopedic technology mechanic, there are excellent professional opportunities in medical supply stores and orthopedic technology workshops. Health insurance companies and international aid organizations are also potential employers. Another professional qualification, such as the master craftsman’s examination or additional courses of study, offers opportunities for advancement in the trade, in industrial companies, or in teaching and training.

Chances of an international career:
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Orthopedic technician-mechanics are in great demand in war zones and countries of the “Arab Spring”, in which violence has been perpetrated against the population or wars are raging like in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon …. Thousands of people (eg in Syria 200,000) have lost legs, hands, or other injuries. To this day there is a lack of medical supplies and necessary care. In addition, there are hardly any orthodontics or orthopedic technicians mentioned in the countries.

The following information is required when registering: first name, surname, place, and date of birth, nationality, school education and (if applicable) school qualifications (from which country), level of German language skills, residence status, what you live on.

E-mail: Tel. 0176 85959833

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