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For small businesses trying to keep costs low with simple accounting software, Oracle NetSuite may not be the best fit. We chose Oracle NetSuite as our top accounting software for advanced features because it’s a full-scale ERP platform. This means that accounting is only one area the software covers; you can also use it to manage all of your business’s other resources.

For those looking to create their own reports, there’s a Report Builder available by clicking on the „New Report“ button at the top of the pane, and a selection of recently run reports in a small pane on the left. NetSuite OneWorld was originally NetLedger, then became the Oracle Small Business Suite, and was finally spun off into a separate public company in 2007. The system we tested, still built on an Oracle database just like Intacct, was Oracle NetSuite OneWorld rather than the base system. The largest difference between the two versions is OneWorld’s extensive multicurrency and multinational capabilities, while the standard NetSuite offering is the same basic app oriented more towards US operations. So, here we are concluding the above sections, comprising the complete reviews of NetSuite.

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We recommend NetSuite software for medium-sized businesses in the distribution, information technology, and professional services sectors. Based on our internal review activity, the median size of organizations considering NetSuite is 30 employees. Due to its cost and complex feature set, NetSuite might be too expensive and intricate for startups and small businesses. We like NetSuite for its robust accounting and supply chain management capabilities. It also offers out-of-the-box functionality and a mature, cloud-native design. Additionally, NetSuite integrates with eCommerce platforms, point-of-sale apps, and more.

Plus, NetSuite offers modules for other aspects of your business. Choose from options like CRM, full-service payroll, inventory management and HR modules. And don’t forget NetSuite’s powerful reporting features (Figure A).

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What’s great to mention in the NetSuite CRM review is that the tool offers all this information in a single place or category. The user can even find the shipping status of the order under the same category. NetSuite takes up all the functions of a CRM tool and offers the same to you.

It’s a complete resource for companies that are focused on inventory management. SRP is services resource planning and is intended for service-centered companies. These tools can be used for business management, eCommerce, human resources, project management, and other essential tasks. The good news is that in addition to being an integrated set of software applications, NetSuite is also a platform. The SuiteCloud platform provides the tools and framework to enable customers, partners and software developers to customize NetSuite to meet specific business needs, such as system integration. In addition to the basic functionality, NetSuite offers several advanced modules you can license based upon your specific business needs.

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For smaller organizations that dont have the manpower or budget to support multiple system integrations its advisable to leverage NetSuite’s native features where possible. This level of international currency accommodation impressed us. While NetSuite isn’t the only platform we reviewed that prioritizes international currency, it does so at greater depth than others. That can be crucial for larger businesses expanding across borders.

netsuite reviews

You can set the period for the alert on the software and then use the same to make accurate and growth-centric decisions. NetSuite works well for medium and large companies with multiple product and service lines. The software works at peak efficiency when all available modules are actively netsuite reviews operating and cooperating. They differ based on the company size and the necessary software modules, how many orders your organization fulfills, and your annual revenue. The price can differ based on the number of modules that are needed, revenue, company size, and other factors.